Best Selfie Stick

Best Selfie Stick


The selfie trend has been in the society for some years now, but recently, in these last years (since 2013 aproximately) this trend is more famous every day; actually, right now, the majority of the pictures taken and posted on Instagram and others social networks are selfies. With this info you can see how popular the selfies have become these days. And I can bet that you have taken a selfie, at least once this year. How do the people take this kind of photos? Well, the selfies can be taken with extending your hand to take the photo of your face, the other way and the more efficient is using a  best selfie stick.

Best Selfie Stick

What is the selfie stick?


A selfie stick is literally a stick that helps you to take a picture of yourself. It counts with a support where you can put your camera or your smartphone. There are a lot of models of the selfie stick, from the simplest to the more technologically developed. For example, you can have a simple selfie stick that let you hold your camera but not to take the photo from the stick itself, in change, you have to use the automatic shot from your camera or smartphone.


Even if they are famous since not too long ago, the first selfie stick wasn’t even from this century, the first selfie stick was used 90 years ago, in 1925. The first family that used the selfie stick was the recently married couple Arnold and Helen, their grandson Alan Cleaver, a reporter, found the photograph and told the world about it. Now we can say that the selfie stick or at least the original idea of the selfie stick is not that new as we thought, of course, the new functions that were added to the original idea are from this century.


There are also other selfie sticks that allow you to take a shot directly from the selfie stick; this can be possible through a Bluetooth connection. When it comes to the size and the weight, well, it is easy to have with you; starting with its weight, about 500g it isn’t heavier, you can have it in your backpack and you wouldn’t even notice it; its size is variable, almost every selfie stick (excepting those made by yourself with any stick founded) its extensible and can extend up to 97 centimeters. Thanks to this, you don’t need to ask a stranger to take a picture of you and your friends.


The only things that stop you for using the selfie stick is that the place don’t allow it or if the battery of your device runs out, wait, that last point isn’t necessary true. Actually, there are some selfie sticks that come with a wire that allows you to charge your device’s battery.


Benefits of a wired selfie stick


Well, some of the benefits are the same as every selfie stick.


  • You can take a selfie wherever and whenever you feel like it. Of course, there may be some places that don’t allow this, but are the minority, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • You don’t need the help of others to take the selfie. We normally ask for strangers to take a picture for us, this can be pretty dangerous because they can steal the camera or the smartphone, now it is not necessary and you can make group pictures in a simple way.
  • In case your smartphone is running out of battery, the wired selfie stick can help you charging it, now you don’t need to worry and you can keep taking photos from your trips and activities.
  • Is easy to take with you the selfie stick. As we mentioned before, you can have it in your backpack and you won’t even noticed it.
  • Thanks to its light weight, you can practice almost every extreme sport or extreme activity and record it. For example, snowboarding or surfing (with especial equipment that protects your recording device).


Summarizing, the selfie stick is a great tool for those who enjoy taking photos of them doing things like traveling or doing some sports or activities, or just a selfie, after all, its name comes from the selfie. If you want one of these you will found that are a lot of different models that adapt you and to your wallet, you don’t need to worry in wasting too much money for having one of these, you only have to worry in buying one, especially if you like to take selfies.